Good Vs Better Programmer

We always have some good programmers around us who are capable of doing work at hand, but to success in long term we need better programmers.
Here are some traits I found important to become better programmer.

  1. Good programmer start coding right away after picking up the task, better programmer first do some little design upfront (may be draw some UML, flowcharts etc), write the simplest readable tests first and then write minimum production code which makes that test pass.
  2. Good programmer stick to the tool, framework, workflow he/she knows best, better programmer keep the affinity towards any technology aside and evaluate and use the best possible tool, framework available. 
  3. Good programmer focuses on working code, better programmer too focused on working code but also gives the utmost importance to code readability, flexibility and other design principles.
  4. Good programmer ever read technology books when he/she was in college, better programmer subscribed to feeds, question/answers on technology forum and sometimes blogs.
  5. Better programmers embrace the test pyramid and write unit, integration and UI/acceptance tests in order to flag given task as delivered.
You can certainly guess that better programmers are no one but Agile Programmer. The list is not limited to this only. There are other stuff you want to read to learn more about better programming, like 97 Things Every Programmer Should Know
Update: I came across DZ article which speaks what I was trying to cover here.


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