GlassFish V3 admin console taking too much time to load.

If you have installed Glassfish V3 and trying to load admin console, but after signing in, is it taking too much time to get to the main page ? Do you have server.log entry like this:

admin console: initSessionAttributes()
Cannot refresh Catalog : Connection timed out

then its time to tweak some files. Here its how:

1. Update the %GLASSFISH_HOME/glassfish/domains/domain1/domain.xml   
This will block up the News item, the registration item, etc

2. Remove update tool jar
(Backup and remove this JAR)
Delete this dir:

Now start the server (bin/asadmin start-domain) and you will see the admin console won't be hang up and take you directly to main page.


Jubz said…
Worked perfectly. Even Sun's own forums could not answer this sufficiently.
Anonymous said…
Worked for me too. Shame on Sun/Oracle for shipping what amounts to a non-functioning product.
Anonymous said…
It's working perfectly, thanks!
Hi Sagar,

Perfect answer man I too sometime faced the issue and google it but can not find correct answer.

FIX Protocol tutorial
Anonymous said…
Hi Sagar

steps given by u are really working.
It,s really helpful.After searching lot on google my search ends here
Anonymous said…
Hey Sagar!

This is perfect! It took me a whole day to fix this, to no avail.

setec said…
It works, thanks.
Anonymous said…

Its really worked for me as well.

Thanks a lot for this hint.
alan said…
thanks a lot..for sharing...
its working man!
derwaish said…
i found it very useful

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