Not 10, but 6 things about jMeter

I list down some "good to know" things about jMeter. Hope it helps you while considering the jMeter scripts design, development and execution.
  1.  Its open source Java tool for functional and load testing.
  2. Can be "extended" to create new sampler, controller etc.
  3. Module Controller - If your scripts are going heavy and you found many copy-paste steps; in that case just create a module of those steps. Module is like a function in programming.
  4. Include controller - Some modules are global and can be used in many scripts, in that case just include that JMX into your main JMX, like you include JSP tag.
  5. Parameterized Controller - Third party controller which enable us to pass various runtime parameters to sample. Usually sits on top of module controller.
  6. jMeter scripts can be executed from ANT, it help in automating the daily execution of scripts. (Can be triggered from nightly build process from your CI server): The same site also got one XSLT for transforming your JTL (jMeter log of sript execution) to HTML report. 
I''ll update this list as I explore jMeter more!


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