What I've learned from TDD

TDD, I'm practicing development using unit test from 1 year now and frankly speaking I'm loving it. I listed some points/notes/importance I learned from TDD. You might like to add some points or want to correct me, so please comment.

Here the list goes:
  1. Caught 80% of bugs at first place before your code goes to production.
  2. Explore and forces to think the development and design in proper Object Oriented way, means less class dependencies, loose coupling's, SRP etc.
  3. You can fearlessly do refactoring and enhance the quality of existing code if you have enough unit test code surrounding.
  4. If you have been reported any bug/issue in production code, write the unit test that produce that bug and fail(red), then fix the code(refactor) and ultimately make the unit test to success( green).
  5. Gives idea about the usage of API you're developing.
I know this are not the only points which make TDD incredibly great practice, but I'll update this blog for some more points as they come along into my practices.

Updates: Some TDD Quote.

Whenever you are tempted to type something in a print statement or a debugger expression, write it as a test. - Martin Fowler


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