Read file outside the JAR

Hi All, I’m back from loooong vacation. Actually haven’t done anything great to blog about, only update is, I switched the company…

Here is recent Java trick I found and I think I should share it..
Problem: I’m wondering about how can I read the file which is in the same directory of my executable JAR ?
[Edited: Read the comment to get easy and obvious answer :)]
Solution: Its simple, just get the current directory and append the file you want to access whose path is relevant to the JAR. Like


In order to read the “”, I just used the following code.
FileReader reader = new FileReader(new File(new File(“.”),   “”));



Saager Mhatre said…
Wouldn't a new FileReader(new File("./")) do the trick as well?
SagaR said…
:) Thanks for the comment!

That just realizes me the importance of "thinking and keeping things simple". An agile way ;)

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