Luck By Chance

No, no I’m not here to discuss the latest Farhan Akhtar starred film, Luck By Chance.
This actually regarding the Best Java forum on earth, JavaRanch where mostly I’m engaged with my post. The forum is very friendly yet professional. Most of the time they have a book promotion, which is usually starts at Monday and ends at Friday, in a same week. This time they gave out the copies of “Eclipse Plugin” in 'IDEs, Version Control and other tools' forum section, they draw 4 lucky posters at randomly, and give out book to them, and this time, I won the book…

Now what is the Luck By chance, because when you post only one answer to this forum and still you won, you need to be lucky and after all it’s my day, isn’t it?

Many people (Not "really" many , but one) questioned about the correctness of that software, after saw my name who posted only one reply. It’s all your luck and for the matter of fact, I participated in many book promotions earlier, recent one is for 'Apache Struts 2 Web Application Development' book and I posted nearly 12 to 14 replies, but no luck.

Afterthoughts: The more I blog, the more you know, I'm full of links!!
Updates: Received book yesterday (22 June 09)


SagaR said…
Nice Work here Bro! keep it comin!



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